this unsane world
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2001-02-15 21:01:02 (UTC)

well things arnt as bad as they..

well things arnt as bad as they were a couple of weeks ago.
me and my boyfriend got back together. we have decided to
move up to pennsilvana. up to where my secret man lives. we
will be right above him. hum, wonder what will happen?
hopefully everything will work out for the good. this past
weekend was a blast. we went to go visit d (secret man)
this weekend. we finally got to touch each other. he was
rubbing my leg and holding my hand. we didnt kiss even
though we had the chance. i'm not so sure why not but its
ok. i was so happy just to touch him and feel him. he has
my ring. i left it there sort of on accident. but he says
he has it and he wears it everyday. he even sleeps with the
blanket i used when i was up there. he says it smeels like
me so he wants it as close as possible. i can not stop
thinking about him. 24/7 he is on my mind.