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2003-01-13 08:01:37 (UTC)

I didnt forget about you,,,

I dont know if you are reading this, but i didnt forget
about you. I love you just as much as Darlin. You are
ALWAYS there when i need someone to talk to, no matter
what time of day or night i need someone. You are a great
friend and im am double lucky to have you in my life too.
You are so protective over me and as much as I may tell
you to back off or leave me alone or that i can even take
care of myself, im glad i have you watching over me. and
im sorry if im a handful. it means the world to have a
friend who cares that much. I will say waht i said before
in my last entry, there are so many people i know ill keep
in touch with and you are definitly one of them. If I had
to chance to leave this place and move away, i would. but
you would definitly be one of the first people i would
call to tell them i got there. You have been there for me
through so much and im so greatful, and i would do
anything for you. You are this great guy and i hope one
day you find someone special ( not now...dont worry...long
from now ). I love you sooo much and im soo special to be
as close of friends with you as i am. And i know you hate
those words ( they are evil :) ) but i still do. Keep on
pimp'n ya playa :)

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