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2003-01-13 07:51:50 (UTC)


There are few people in my life who i know ill stay in
touch with for a long time. Darlin is one of them. He is
one of my best and truest friends. We became great
friends over the past year and Im so lucky to have someone
like him in my life. No matter what I know i can count on
him. He puts up with all my crap and watches and worries
over me when i need it whether i will admit to it or not.
He is a great friend and anyone who thinks otherwise is
crazy. He deserves the best there is, cuz he is that
special. Over the past year he has been basically stalked
by a psycho blonde who he dated for a short amount of
time. She wouldnt leave him alone, and i mean it. She
still tries to be his friend, when someone tries so hard
to be friends with someone that she barley even knew, you
know he is a special kid. Sucks to be her thought. Not me
though. Darlin deserves nothin but the best, and i hope
with all my heart that he gets the best. I know he is
reading this and i know he knows how much i love him and
that i would do anything for him. cuz i know he would do
the same for me. Every person who befriends him is lucky
and should never take advantage of such a great guy he is
the best!! LOVE YOU DARLIN!

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