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2003-01-13 06:21:31 (UTC)

Spinal Tap vs. Francheschi House

this weekend was a fun one, it started out on friday by
meeting up with the gang and playing "scooter tag" at
monte vista..weird..but very fun!! i had a great time. we
were sitting in the parking lot and grant and cody and
jamir pulled up and started scooting with us, and then
cody and jamir ate shit, it was great. I went home after
that and went to bed. the next morning, i got up , went to
dans and redid the vocals, thank god for that, they sound
so much better. the recording is actually starting to
sound pretty good. me and dan then went to good, we had good times there and
laughed about spinal tap and about the girl that worked
there giving some guy a handjob that we names
right now.......

that night i went to shaun's b-day party, and me trevor
and nels got him a skating movie, and a carmen electra
calender, which he LOVES. we watched signs and dude wheres
my car with the whole gang and some girls. me and amanda
cuddled. which was awesome. i love that girl.
after that we drove out to the francheschi house on APS
whcih scared the SHIT out of us. that place is fucking
freaky, and johnny and nels hid and were scaring us by
throwing rocks at the house and whisepring things. there
was a bunch of faces of greek emperors on the walls of the
house. one of them underneath said "the fittest place for
a man to die" it was gnarly. after that i went home and
went to bed. ate a chicken pot pie... mmmm...
today i got up, went to dans and finished recording. now i
finally have the songs. they sound good, jimmy really
likes them. he has been meeting with universal publishing
talking about deals and contracts with us. pretty crazy.
alright, im off to eat and go to bed. nighty night

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