My Journal...sorta lol
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2003-01-13 06:18:08 (UTC)

dude wtf is with the drama? lol 1-12-03

ok dude this is gettin out of hand lol ok heres the
situation...nicole likes alan, alan thinks of her as only a
friend, she doesnt wanna realize it prolly cuz he never
told her straight out... w/e so alans a cool guy, hes tight
and hes fun to chill with and everyone thinks hes awesome
so we all chill with him... well nicole thinks i like alan
cuz i flirt with him, ah yea i flirt with a lot of guys and
I DO NOT LIKE HIM! seriously i dont seem him as more then a
friend at all! so w/e we were midnight bowling sat. and stu
gets all mad and is like u flirt with him, u like him and
was being all pouty and im like wtf w/e so im like fine i
wont talk to him so w/e things are good at the end of the
night... my 'rents are out of town so i just let a bunch of
ppl stay over, alan included. nicole couldnt stay over and
i knew she was pissed but alan wanted to stay so he did...
so its me, v, jj, brandon, jeff, and alan stayin over and
it was fuckin hilarious, so much fun! (splinter... lmao!!)
w/e so then we had to get up early cuz of a meeting i had
at work, so later in the day, alan calls me and im like hmm
weird, and he wanted to chill tonight so im like ok, well i
got all worried that nicole would be pissed so i call v and
she doesnt answer so i call jj and get some advice lol....
so w/e later on he calls me and we were gunna go watch a
movie at his house and then jj calls and wants to chill and
im like good idea so we all just end up at my house watchin
a movie... w/e so v calls and is like wtf why didnt u
invite nicole, and im like umm i was gunna but alan didnt
wanna chill with her... like he was pissed at bowling cuz
she was being dramatic about the whole thing (oh and me and
alan made a bet on whoever bowls the better game treats the
other to a movie and she was pissed cuz of that too) and he
thinks that shes coming on to strong and needs to back
off... and so thats why i didnt call her, well w/e later on
tonight alan gets a text message saying "i hope u had fun
with me this weekend cuz i never wanna see u again, goodbye
alan.." and we were all like wtf did he do? or any of us do
for that matter!?! alan wanted to chill with me and thats
apparently not allowed... but w/e we did nothing wrong and
this is a bigger deal then it should be... well anywho this
weekend still was fun, i went to level 3 on friday, tight
ass club! and then sat, worked and went bowling, and today
was random but enjoyable... j-boz, marky marc and steph...
we gotta have a rematch of mario party lol and yea steph ya-
ya was a good movie lol anywho thats about it i gotta get
some sleep i got one hour last night and havent taken a nap
yet lol peace out