*Chi* a.k.a Chanette

Starting from Scratch
2003-01-13 06:02:38 (UTC)

erotic tattoo

erotic tattoo.
i'm on your side.
right now baby.
there is no other place i wanna be,
then there with you.
stay exactly how you are,
with those curls
and those eyes, wild with passion
and your skin...gentel
taste...liquid candy
and with those lips,
i've not been given the kiss of life.
to have your hands on me,
erotic tattoo.
realizing i breathe your air.
hold me,
erotic tattoo.

(i wrote this for you)

i brush the sand off the shore.
give you the world if it was mine
blow you right to my door.
mmm feels fine
feels like your mine
feels right, so fine
i'm yours ,your mine
like paradise.
ooooo what a life...
wanna share my life
wanna share my love with you

~Sade... ***you know this is about you***

yeah i needed to let that out there. my friends who sit
and read all my entries...what you have in front of you, is
a poem/sonnet/prayer...whatever you wanna call it....but
it's to a special person. *sighs* amazing, i've been given
so much....yet can never see what's right in front of my

"there is a woman in somalia.
scrapin for pearls on the road side
there's a force stronger than nature
keeping her will alive
this is how she's dying
she's dying to servive
dont know what she's made of
i would like to be that brave
she lives a life she didn't choose.
and it hurts like brand new shoes.

there is a woman in somalia
the sun gives her no mercy
the same sky we lay under
burns her to the bone
long as afternoon shadows
it's gonna take her to get home
each grain carefully wrapped up
pearls for her lil girl.
she cries heaven above
there is a stone in my heart
she lives in a world she didn't choose
and it hurts like brand new shoes.

be happy for what you have, and what you've found. i have
a beautiful life here in nc, and things are goin so well!
i also have a beautiful soulmate. she's here in my heart.
mwah****** "taken by the sky..." ~fleetwoodmac


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