My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-13 05:49:08 (UTC)

A serious thought.....

Well, I'm back from Mike's. I'm on the phone with Brian as
he asks me questions about my non-existent love life... lol
I actually did a lot of thinking on the way home. I finally
admitted to myself that I'm still in love with Mike. Now,
I've known this for a while, and I thought that I could
control it, but after tonight, there were so many times
that I wish that I were still going out with him. But, he
also said a comment tonight that is so true. I don't
laugh at life enough. I have to take life less serious. I'm
thinking I have to work on that, since I am too, changing.
I know that I really have to work on the whole feelings
Anyway, since I've written this whole serious thing, I'll
end this off on a good note.... I hate Brian right now. If
he asks me any more questions, I will kill someone!!!! LOL


*Again, another lazy note... I'm sitting here at school, about 20
minutes before my first class, and thinking how pathetic last night's
entry was. Now, I know I meant every word of it, but still... it just
doesn't seem like that big of a deal. I need some imput... anyone,
even you Mike. I just want to get some ideas on how I should go ahead
with this... I really need to change my life around!* :-)

*Yet again another though.... I really shouldn't have let my Id shoot
my Superego, huh?*