16 years old and lost in life?
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2003-01-13 05:46:12 (UTC)

howd it change so quick?

mylife had been crazy for a long time but tonight i learned
somethng new im a much stronger and better person then what
i think i am...i showed one kid these qualities and he jus
kept tellin me tonight of all the great things about me...i
realized it wasn't me...it was all the people who never
gave me a chacne to be methat was making my lifea living
hell and makin me feel like really i wasn't good for
anything at all....i believe in angels...and i believe i
have a angel watchin over me right now helping me out!!
i just want everyone to be happy! im only 17 wshin everyone
could work thrugh strugglin times like me and be happy that
buzz is just such a great feeling
feed me back
"live each passing second to it's fullest"