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2003-01-13 05:42:16 (UTC)

whew.. Starbucks, my haven...

Whoa.. I had a bunch of long history readings to do.. my
solution? Just ignore it. So I wait til Saturday rolls by,
and it's late and I don't feel focused. I grab a cup o' joe
and sit at Starbucks to read... wow time went by just like
that. I was totally focused... hehe. I just like the
environment, I don't want to drink their fattening coffee
everyday! Anyways, another college application is due..
whewww... my personal essay is just crap, but it's never
gonna be perfect, so.. eek. I'm waiting til the last day to
send it-- which is Tuesday! Wow. Well anyways, I've been
working from 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm on 10 minutes of film.. wow
imagine how long it took to produce a real movie??! Well,
that's all for now.. oh wait.. I've lost all real hope in
guys and trying to find one, just one guy that isn't
superficial. Forget them all!

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