apfel diary
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2003-01-13 04:42:30 (UTC)

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i didnt go to church 2 times.that why i had to go to church
again yesterday. but i left earlier lol. cos my friend law
lam was waiting for me at the bus stop. we were going to
shopping and watch film. wow..the movie not too bad.i like
it. lol cos there are handsome guy in the movie.haha...
after that, we met vince.it took us long time to meet each
other.why?cos we couldnt find each other.we were waiting
him at the mongkok station,he was also waiting us in the
other side of mongkok station.lol my phone rang often.but
we couldnt see each other still.at last, my friend and i
tried to go around the station,then we discovered that he
had been waiting for us in somewhere of the station.lol
we didnt know what to eat. we went to sushi store for
dinner finally.i ate less as i dont like it very
much.hehe..but my friend ate alot.lol cos she wanted eat it
for ages.hehe..
sigh..first i met him,he told me that he forgot take the
thing wat bro asked him take to me. i gave him my home
address. i think send to me by mail better.hehe