Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-09-10 13:09:03 (UTC)

Monday, September 10th

Well, this weekend was busy, I saw BAM at hockey
evaluations. Of course, seeing him made me wondering if I
am making a HUGE mistake trying to work things out. He is
just so nice, and he takes such wonderful care of his
mother--they always say you can judge a guy by the way he
treats his mother. Mine lied to his mother and that is
exactly what he did to me. BAM worships his mother, does
anything for her, visits her several times a year, and now
is helping her move here. He got her a duplex until he
gets her one built, he hired a moving company to move all
her stuff from Atlanta. He is just really close to her and
treats her like a queen. I know I shouldn't feel this way
with us trying to work things out and trying to get
custody, but I guess a part of me just wonders what my life
would be like without all this mess.