*Chi* a.k.a Chanette

Starting from Scratch
2003-01-13 04:30:43 (UTC)

I wanna rock with you

sitting here listenin to alicia keys...i can't even begin
to explain my state of mind right now....for once things
are happenin in my life, that aren't killing me.

i've found my purpose, and i know i'm meant to share my
words, thru writing and show my passion thru my
artwork...and to never let a girl come between my dreams.
i'm tired of putting my happiness on the back burner to
please someone else.

i've found my "soul-mate" now....that doesn't mean i love
her. since love is such a strong emotion, that has found
many times to fuck me up the ass! its just strange. i totally dug
her for a long time. since the first time we made eye contact. then
we never really got the chance to talk to her...but i was in her
presence...and being there, felt right. anyway...even with
distance. *shakes head...no match. you see, DESTINY will overpower
distance anytime. so i'm not even worried about that. i just need
her to be there. and she is...maybe not as close as i would like. i
dunno...maybe i'm thinkin so much about this. and it doesn't matter
is she doesn't feel the same way right now, cause she will. this is
no ordinary connection.

my family seems to be workin with one another....beautiful...what a
beautiful thing....****mwah****