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2003-01-13 04:29:26 (UTC)

fluent in foolish

From the start to the finish
I'm alone in ignorance
And I can't seem to see
Above the barriers enclosing me
But since I'm stuck in the middle
Of your puzzling riddle
Well, then I might as well drown
Glazed eyes staring up to the ground

Cause I'm fluent in Foolish
Like you say I am
And you're theory is ruthless
But I don't give a damn, man
I've been watching you for hours
But you don't make sense
How you shower them in flowers
Of more blissfull ignorance
Cause I'm fluent in foolish
Just like you say I am
You're theory is still ruthless
Where still, I don't give a damn

Cause I'm fluent in foolish
And I don't give a damn
Your the first to proclaim
and the last to give in
I constantly remind you of you're own fuck ups
And with my tension of exposed anger.. I self destruct
Cause your intelligence overwelms me
You blind society reject
Crawl back to what morals bind you to reflect
where it was is lost in facing me
I can't sleep when there's nothing here to dream for

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