2003-01-13 04:20:23 (UTC)


Fall away
In a ray
Of concreted disaray
Die again
Be my friend
we can die in indignity
together, forever
in sickness dying one and all
make some sense
offspring lost in ignorance

Sitting here in study hall
The corporates talk as if they crawl
scratch a line on synthetic synthesis
as I plunge into irrelevance
For I can't serve my decadense
As this concept drops out and collides with common sense
It's all a mess
We're stranded together in community
You can't see me over this dark and dreadful sea
We're far away so save this pain for another day
And I.. I can't breathe when no one is here to suffocate me
my eyes see the skies but my mind will shift and I'll turn
somewhere blind

I'll slit my wrists with a dull knife
And bleed a little to prove to myself I'm blind
But I can see I can't be your average
When my isolation makes me whole but leaves me as a savage

Turn my head and slip to dead
Am I still here or are you dead in me?
For all i can see is you here with me, no dream
show me how will it be?
Am I my guide? then who the hell are you?
I reckognize a second then I'm dropped and disliked by all
And I want to show the world that you are in me
Then I would be free of myself when I'm someone else
When you're never you in my compromise between myselves
I put the concept of you on my shelf
And leave it there for all the bear the pain in me as all
can see I bleed a sea for you and me to share the pain as
we refrain from hurting ourselves in any real way

Computer freestyle
Relying on my fingers to keep the rhyming
I'm trying to flush your ass down the drain
blood champaign
I'll cave your ass in and make the shit rain
Your record: 12 - 0
Now let go
Cause its time to sit back and let me take the show
cause I go by Ross, that's R-o-s-s.. I am the best
the rest can't compare so turn around, shut up.. and don't

I flow with melancholy rhymes
I can make you throw more than dimes
By the time I'm done, you'll be behind the gun
With it cocked and loaded
Fuck you if you think I care