Thoughts to Share
2003-01-13 04:16:51 (UTC)

my brother

to the tune of...my buddy. Remember that commercial from
when you were little? "My buddy (my buddy), my buddy....my
buddy and me. Anywho...that's what went through my head
when I typed that title.
Been busy lately. A lack of entries.
Daniel came this weekend. I missed him sooo much. No huge
events...just hanging out. Ashley & I drug him shopping,
but then he got a good dinner. :-p I managed to beat him
in cards...hehe. But, he cooked me brkfst this morning &
then he beat me in cards. :-p Trekked back to drop him off
in Wilson.
The week should prove to be as stressful & difficult as
last week.
And off we go...