2003-01-13 04:07:22 (UTC)

January 12, 2003

Hey hey..I didn't write in my journal for at least a week
now. I've been really busy and didn't have the time to
write. Well...on Friday, January 10th, we won the
basketball game!! I was soo happy..the score was 20-19!!
Close one!! In the game, I only had 1 penalty. Well that's
all good ain't it?? Then on saturday, I went to my aunties
house to go eat. We went around noon..the food was great!!
we stayed there until 9:00PM and my aunt dropped us off at
home. Sunday(today), woke up at 11AM and went shopping with
my dad and step mom. I didn't want anything except some
warm socks. Came home and ate some spicy chicken wings
which was soooooo yummy! Then ate some other yummy noodles
I felt very full..then did my homework online, it was easy!
Then checked my email and chat with my cousin for a bit.
Gotta go to school tomorrow!! Yeah but its all good because
no school for me this friday!! YaY!! Well I have to go
now...gotta get some sleep.