Don Juan

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2003-01-13 03:42:42 (UTC)

Damn!!!! She..

Damn!!!! She can suck a dick!! I've wanted her to suck my
dick since I saw her deep-thoat a hotdog. Only bad thing
about her is that she's one of my best friend's sister. I
mean, I've never had such a good dick sucking... and I've
had a few experiences. She was deep-throating me and
everything. I'm not a very small boy... not huge, but
difinately not small. I've never had a girl deep-throat
me. She said that mine was only the 3rd she'd given... but
god-damn!!! I wish I was able to see her in private more
often. But I'm not about to date her or even say that I
like her. I actually don't think she's dating material,
but I do like her dick sucking abilities. She's even very
not bad looking. I got it today, but I could have probably
gotten one yesterday. Nobody was in the house yesterday
except me and her little brother and I could have fucked
the hell out of her. But I wouldn't do that to my friend.
It was actually kinda funny yesterday... I have been
rejected from many a girl (sad to say, but there's less of
them than ones that gave in), so I know how to do it very
well. I sat on the futon with my feet beside me and my
knees pointed away from her, then put my left arm (the side
she was on) in my lap. She couldn't get to my dick for
anything! If any girls are reading this... that is the
best way to restrict a guy from the 'happy region.' She
couldn't get around my back or get past my arm in any
direction (and trust me, she tried). But tonight, oh
boy... did my restraint pay off tonight!!! That was the
best blow-job I've ever had... and I don't know if it won't
be the best for a while. I guess we'll just have to see.