my diary that i write in when im bored,
2003-01-13 03:10:36 (UTC)


haha im sorry im just laughing... because 1 today was great
and 2 WOW my bubby lol well yea thats personal lol... any
way today was great! i was really happy!!! Jordan made me
feel like a human being(he made me feel real nice) and i
had so much fun at church im gettin real happy because
church is starting to be real fun. and im sure that sounds
horrible... but it wsan't too much fun lol.HAHAHA lol i
just found out i missunderstood somehtin intirelly and it
was hilarious the way i missunderstood... lol.. i can be so
stupid. at least i asked lol. yes any way wow im glad
Church is getting fun to go and learn from n stuff. ok this
isn't going to be long.. shockingly... well hey that means
if anyone reads it they wont die from boredom! good. i have
homework(silly biology i am dissecting a pig why do i have
to do other homework!?) bye

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