Expressions Of Myself
2001-09-10 10:34:46 (UTC)

Still on His Side

My oldest child, Sean, will be 18 in November. Sometimes I
can't believe he's a grown person already. But the sad part
is, he's chosen the wrong path in life and I feel almost
helpless guiding him on the right one. He doesn't live with
me, he lives with his Dad and stepmom not far from here. I
barely ever see or talk to him, but that's by his choice
and not mine. He has no interest in anyone but his so
called friends. He doesn't keep jobs and he's barely making
it through the program that is tutoring him for his GED
exam. He's taken it twice and failed. But he doesn't seem
bothered by it all. I think he thinks that everything will
come to him in due time. I don't think he believe he has to
work for everything he wants in this life. I mailed him a
letter telling him my feelings and in it I placed the
lyrics to a song, that when I first heard it, made me
immediately think of him. It's called, "I'm still on your
side" by BB Mak. It let's him know that no matter what he
goes through, I am still there for him. I hope it gets
through to him because I am here. If he'd only allow me to
be there more. I love him so much.