Expressions Of Myself
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2001-09-10 10:28:55 (UTC)

Only Us

In this life, there are only a handful of people you know
will always be there when you need them. Many promise that
they will, but when the chips are truly down, they run with
their tails between their legs.
I have 2 sister and a brother and we are slowly learning
that the only ones who will be there for us without
question are ourselves. I am several years older than each
of them, but we have all stayed very close. It has gotten
us through some very trying times. Even if we don't agree,
we can make each other see the sense it what we're saying
and make more informative decisions. It may seem weird to
some people that my brother, who is only 20, could give me
advice, but he can sometimes make me see things I didn't
before. Or that my sister, who is 17, can give me something
to look forward to as she grows and becomes a wonderful
young woman. Or that another sister, who is 24, can make me
feel like the world is a better place simply because she is
in it with me. I can't explain it.
Even through all the craziness we went through, and it was
crazy....we are STILL there for each other. I have come to
realize that we're the glue in each other's lives. Yes, we
have our own daily routines, and yes, we have differences,
but the bottom line always shows our devotion and love for
one another. And in this life, that's all that truly
I love each one of them dearly.

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