Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
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2001-09-10 10:19:43 (UTC)

"What about your friends??...."

I think this morning at 6:16 am...I've finally come to a
realization of who my real friends are. Let's see. Where
to start?? Ummmm...Friday night. Brandy, Nicky P., and I
went to Days Inn for awhile. Got pretty toasty...I had to
leave to pick Chris up from work at 12 am. So, I drove all
the way to Pizza Hut to discover that he already had Josh
pick him up...I wasn't happy about that at all. I could've
stayed there and not wasted my time. So, I get home to
discover he was already to go we left and headed
to Caesars...then Hooterville...then Bretz. I think I had
like 2 shots of Tequila at every bar. And Tequila just
fucks with my head. I was blasted. I don't think I could
even walk...So, when Nicky P. was ready to go, I went with
him and gave my keys to Chris...assuming he would be
responsible enough to not drink anymore. I mean, the bar
was was only afterhours, but apparently someone
had alky in thier car or something...he didn't stop
drinking. So, while I was at home trying to sleep off a
very drunken Tequila night...he was letting some guy with a
suspended license drive my car to an after hours party in
NONE OTHER THAN..... SYLVANIA. Well...of course you go to
a nice quiet little city like Sylvania in my ghetto-'re going to get pulled over if you make one
wrong move...well...guess what?? Yep, you got it! They
got pulled over and since Chris was too wasted to drive and
the other guy's license was suspended...they IMPOUNDED my
freakin car for the entire weekend. So, not only am I
stuck at home for like 3 days....I have no way to work.
Well...Chris tells me he's going to get my car out and blah
blah...but I get home tonight after Marc (YES, MARC!!) so
graciously let me borrow his car, so I could go to work,
and Chris is not here. He prolly went out to the
drunk (on the money he was prolly supposed to use to get my
car out of jail) and is fucking someone right now...which the morning when he wakes up and wonders where
the hell he is...he will 1.) NOT HAVE A RIDE HOME 2.)
CAR OUT OF JAIL.... So, I will a few options I'll have to
choose from... 1.) Say, "that's alright Chris. I know you
have fucked everyone over including me and I'm dumb enough
to let you do it again"....and let him go OR 2.) Sell
anything of his in the house of any value (ex. Stereo,
TV...THIS lovely computer) and get my car out that way.
Which option would you choose...?? I think I know the
answer!! He so doesn't know who he's fucking with. I
won't let him fuck me over! So, tomorrow will be the
deciding point on what to do! I'll keep you updated on
that! G'nite all!