Expressions Of Myself
2001-09-10 10:19:26 (UTC)

Just another Monday

Today is my day off. Sometimes I wonder why I call it a
day "off" because there is always so much to do. Only a
couple of weeks until Jen's wedding. I can't believe I will
be in NY for 2 weeks. This will be the first trip there
that doesn't involve a funeral for me. I am excited. Dan is
going with me and that makes it nice as well. He will be
the first person to travel there with me. The girl's Dad
did come up there once, but that was because of my Mom
being sick and it wasn't a vacation, so there's a
Today I think I will try to get done what I can, but I
won't push myself too hard. My muscle is pulled in my back
and it doesn't make me want to do too much.
Will write more later.

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