A LiL WanKstaZ LiFe
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2003-01-13 02:10:00 (UTC)

Livin in hell

Wud up FeFe's N Nukkaz?! Well 2day wus a bad day nameen
jus like erry otha day....My life is sooooo boring...Me n
my boo (Hans) jus broke up n i feel lonely agen like
alwayz...I dont get y guys tell u they love u but den they
go n leave u.Cus if u love sum1 u shuld be wit them rite?
But w/e i jus dont see where he's comin 4rm...maybe i got
sumthin betta fo me in tha future..only god knows dats y i
aint stressin bout it...but in tha otha hand i kno he loves
me we jus cant be 2getha cus of our arguements..but
hopefully we'll work it out...
Den theres the "Parental Units" they get on my fucking
nerves!!!! Especially my dad he's always on my ass u get
me...omg if only they culd jus go 2 hell lol nah j/p i love
em but sumtimes they get soooooo annoying...
OoOoOoooorite well ima let u go keep up on my entries
Peace Out!!