16 years old and lost in life?
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2003-01-13 01:56:09 (UTC)

Long Time

Well, i had a few things happen since i've last talked to
everyoneon here:
When i first started using this thing i told ya about a
frend of mine tony who got in a snow skiing accident, well
i kinda started liking him, but i'm best freinds with his
twin sister. So i kinda kept from telling her. and was
askig all kinds of advice from "her" boyfriend, and when
she did find out she freked out on me and told me that was
just wrong and that there' was something wrong with
me...lalla.....she got mad cuz i talked to her b/f instead
of her about who i liked i told her it was to hard to
explain and when he told her then she understood why and
shewas pist....I believe after she found out she went ad
told tony somethin bad about me or something because now
tony won't tlak to me nemore. So I got 2 of my best
friends no longer talking to m over something so
stupid...what do i do??? im' so confused....and i have no
way to resolve it..
and i still like em'