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2003-01-13 01:52:04 (UTC)


I'm now in my second semester of college. Ummm.....it's
okay. My classes are really boring though. I set a few
goals for this semester, but nothing in stone. I know what
I would like to get from it all, but I won't necessarily
promise myself. Ya know! Anyway, so much is gonna be going
on this semester. We have HOMECOMING and the NBA ALLSTAR
GAME is in Atlanta this year. It's going to be very
eventful. I'm excited and ready to try new things. This
past weekend I went to this club called NV. It was
straight. I normally don't do the whole shake your booty
thing, but for some reason, I was all into it. I had a good
time though. Met a few dudes.....no one who really got me
though. Oh yeah, niggas up here are ruff(not rough). I
wouldn't dance with this one dude, so he pushed me and
pulled my hair! WTF! That was a crazy experience. One dude
brought me a drink. I thought he was going to follow me
around the club, but he was cool about it. I went to a
bball game. Saw a cutie!!!! He's from the Islands. He has
the lil accent and everything. The only thing about him
though.....he's a big time smoker. Ummm....not too sure
about all that. But anyway, things back at home.....well,
Charvis definitely took me for a loop. He told me that he
loved me!!!!! If that ain't like WHOA, then I don't know
what is. I mean, I consider Charvis to be a good friend of
mine. I have feelings for him and everything, but he is
just coming out of no where with all of this. BUT HEY, it's
good to know that someone has love for me. He does make me
feel special, but there are a lot of things about Charvis
that I don't know anything about. Just have to see what
happens w/ the whole situation. Well, my fingers hurt.