Life is Too Short to eat Bad Pasta!!
2001-09-10 07:52:26 (UTC)

10 September 2001 - Nothing so Extraordinary

Well, this is my first entry. Nothing much to say though.
I am having a lab session here in Uni. Argh, hate mondays.
I had a short sudden quiz thing. Weell, not much of a quiz,
but then again, She (my lab tutor) gave us questions to
solve. could do it though.

Am not looking forward for today at all. Total freaky!
I don't know why. I feel like I am not feeling well at all.
Ah...a few of my friends have came in the lab. Good to see

I am a regular on It's a good site, where
people in trouble comes to this site to post it up. So
others can help, in a way.

Might have a quiz later. Not so sure. But I am not prepared
for it. Haven't even got my midterm papers back for this
subject. Killer.

a good friend came down last saturday. Went out and all and
had superb fun. We all went out for a movie(my housemates
and i and also a few friends from Uni) I watched AI while a
few others watched A knights Tale. AI is rather slow
moving. I don't really like it. This is one time I don't
really like Steven Speilbergs movies. But the Teddy bear is
the star of the show, though his voice doesn't seem to fit
his size. Those who have watched it will know what I am
talking about. But no doubt, haley is good.

Then later, we all went out for supper, about 2 something
in the morning. We ate at Steven's corner in Pandan Indah.
Those who stay in M'sia will know where I am talking about.
But some might not.

I had cheese naan. and tandoori. Fanntastic! But the cheese
naan is a bit too big and pricy.

My friend had a RM10 nasi lemak. Now you tell me, this
isn't pricy!

Gonna have a class in 5 minutes time. So I'll be going off
now. Will keep this updated when I do come online. Take
care for all those reading.


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