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2001-09-10 07:48:46 (UTC)

have you ever..

Faked anything?

Fake a smile to make someone else happy?

Fake a laugh to make them feel better?

Fake everything about you so people would love you? Like
you? Think you're cool?

My eyes reflect so much hapiness and beauty, just like an
expenive glass hand mirror. But past the glass its just
seething ugliness.

I fake a laugh to make someone feel good. i fake a smile to
make people think im okay.

Im a music box. Turn the key and watch me play. Watch me
slowly wind down until im nothing but a trinket left to
dust on a shelf or table top.

people get so mad when I show them my true feelings.. or
hurt... So I hide my feelings..

And then what do they do? They get angry again..

i dont bother people about what they feel. I let people do
what they do.. Why cant people return the favour for once?
Is it that difficult?

..people suck..

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