Alexander Dickson

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2003-01-13 01:05:52 (UTC)

Self Control... Escaping Me...

After the 2 weeks up at Stirling University which included
a New Year's piss up and excessive Chocolate Digestive
devouring I managed to lose 6 pounds. Didn't think I did
that much but apparently having nothing but arbritary
combinations for dinner and an hour of Dancing Stage
EuroMIX/Party Edition each day must really make a
difference. Problem is, I'm back home now and even though
I can still use DSE/PE I can't use it half as good as up
there. The carpet in my room makes it impossible to jump
about, its too fucking thick, the mat keeps moving about!
I may be making too much of a big deal about this but the
fact of the matter is, its exercise (it may not make my
upper body any stronger but its made my leg muscles big
and burns the calories only slightly worse than
swimming/running/etc.) and I ENJOY it. Most people
exercise their asses off on treadmills and cycles and shit
and hate it so much so they give up. I love dancing about,
it makes me fitter and although I look like a tit, it gets
results. So the fact that I can't do it here and I will be
here for nearly 4 weeks is a major dampener on my spirits.

And with that, comes the eating. Whereas at the Uni I had
no choice in what I ate, theres a lot of choice, and a lot
of calories around my house. My father may be going for
the diet as well but he has the luxury in working in a
field where he has to move people about so he gets the
exercise that way. Plus there's the random sex he's been
having with Louise now that Kirsty's pretty much out of
the picture. I don't have that luxury. All I have is
Dancing Stage and the odd push up/sit up I do and now that
Dancing Stage is gone I have to reduce my food intake but
thats difficut when there's so much I WANT to eat. Self
control has always been a weakness of mine.

I need to go back to University, if for nothing else than
to use Dancing Stage correctly, I've seen the benefits and
I want to keep going while my moral is still high enough
to do it. I may be making the biggest deal ever about this
but I have always been fat and now I have a way to change
that I want it as much as is physically possible. Listen
to me, I've become such a whiney little bitch. So lame and
pathetic. Oh well. It had to happen again eventually.

My dad pierced my ears for me. Stuck a needle in my ears.
He said it might hurt but it was nothing. Without ice or
anything. Just needles in my ears. There wasn't even any
blood or anything. If I don't feel any pain, then what
does that mean for me? (Random Resident Evil 3 quote for
all the children). Little diamond studs my dad had for me.
I'm such a fag but at least I didn't buy them, he did. His
fault, yeah, not mine.

Oh yeah, I got a 2F for Sociology, the subject I was
fearing I failed which means I don't have to do any resits
since I'm pretty confident that there is NO way I can fail
Philosophy since due to their own grading system, the worst
I can get is a 3C which is still a pass, if only just. w00t!
the system works.

That's all for now it seems,
Till Next Time Space Kittens!

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