That's Youth
2001-09-10 07:11:45 (UTC)


My name is Meghan Michelle Kelly. Iam an 18 year old
freshman at Clarion University. I grew up in Pittsburgh
PA. I have an older sister, Christina a.k.a. phlip, a.k.a.
24, a.k.a. crackhead, who is 20 and is also my best friend,
before I cam to college we did everything together. I have
a younger brother, Billy, a.k.a. Beavis, who is 15, he's my
little buddy. I have lots of other cuzins and stuff, but
my one cousin Dave, a.k.a. cuz, who is 21, is more like my
brother, he hangs out with me and phlip all the time.
We're a trio. My family is the most important thing in the
world to me. I love punk rock music. My good friend, who
I am actually romantically interested in, Poot, is the one
who started me on my punk kick. He's 20, and he's probubly
the best friend I have non blood related. I went to
Baldwin High School, and I hated it. I never got along
with very many people there, we had a little clique, there
were 6 of us, more later (look under "The Crew"), but I
always disliked the "perfect people" as Pennywise would
call them. I never dealt well with authority, and I always
wanted to be different than anybody else. At the present
time I have BRIGHT pink hair. I plan on getting my eyebrow
pierced within the next week. I love to party, I drink,
mostly tequilla, I smoke weed, I roll, I trip, and I
sometimes do coke. I don't overdo the hard drugs, I do
them in moderation, and I know how much is too much. All
in all I just like to have fun and kick it. I love goin to
shows, especially out at starlake, that place kicks major
ass. I hope to teach 7th and 8th graders someday, that's
what I'm going to school for. I seem to get along well
with kids that age. All in all I'm just an easygoing girl
who loves to have fun. I love tryin new things, and I love
to be spontaneous and exiting. I'm a little kid at heart,
but rnt we all? If youd like to know some of the codes I
live by, look under "Quotes". That's all for now.