Moonwind Dancer

Moonwind Dancer's Shadow of the Nig
2001-09-10 07:01:30 (UTC)

I had an accident!!

Well, what can I say....I'm not lazy but, I did have an
accident and my doctor thought it was funny. Well,
actually it was. I had a scorpion scare me half to death
and I fell, wedged on my left side between my bed and my
antique sewing machine. It hurts like hell! I looked like
somebody beat me up BUT only on the left side! My doctor
is from India or somewhere probasbly Pakistan, like my old
doctor back where I use to live. He asked me if the
scorpion got away! I howled of course he did, do ya think
I was giving him an invitation to come back and bite me.
They say fat people have more bounce to the ounce, WELL
THAT JUST AIN'T SO! If I had more bounce to the ounce I
wouldn't have missed the bed I was trying to hop onto!
Anyway, I have been stove up nd on pain meds for days now
and I stil feel like I was caned or something!

I can laugh now but it wasn't funny then. We have been
having some great storms. I love storms. I guess that's
why they use to call me "stormy" they just added
the "tattoo" later cause I had a tattoo shop for 30 years.
I have Hep C now and can't tattoo. Plus I have MS and a
few more incurables. It's the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that
gets me. It is no picnic either. Now, I could sit here
and whine about my miserable life (NOT!!) or I can get on
with it. i just finished my book on the Tarot and have it
already to send to the publishers. Wish I had known you can
get money from the gov't to write a book. I would have
pounded the keys plum off my laptop!! LOL As it is I
belong to 45 egroups at and I have to post to
them at least once a week then I have my own group"
Moonwind_Dancers Shadows of the Night. Listed in the
ReligeonsPagan groups on We have over 255
spells and such already posted there and so far there are
only 12 members. I would say that is good.

Well, I am getting that look from my Hubby....I have been
up too long. YUK I do hate to go to bed when Iam not

Have a nice day/night everyone.

BB Blessings