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2003-01-12 23:03:41 (UTC)

it stinkss....

today was such a boring day. u would think that cuz i
turned 18, my ass of a brother, would try me cool with me,
but no hes not. so it really stinks sometimes, i
contemplate y i'm here livin wit this family, y couldnt i
have a normal family, without having to live up to so many
expectations? what annoys me even more, is that he has is
own place, y r u here at home, botherin me, and watchin
football. wouldnt u want to watch a game like that at ur
house where u have a big ass screen t.v. i know i would,
shit if i had a home like my brothers do, i really wouldnt
come here and bother my sister. well, as u can see i'm
pretty pissed today, but what can i do. so i guess thats
it for the time being. maybe i can write next time about
something postive....blah blah, that'll be the

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