Watch me lose it...
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2003-01-12 22:09:39 (UTC)

Way of the Samurai

Listening to : John Williams - Queen Amidala
Just finished watching ghost dog. Superb film
Average weekend. Spent alot of time formatting and
rebuilding my computer. Stupid XP. Back to 98 now. Thinking
of getting linux on full time as long as I can find an MSN
Tawny wrote to me telling me of her father and how he
became ill because of an operation that went very wrong. I
feel sorry for her. I like her. Shes still a hobby, but I
want to take care of this hobby for now. Maybe I'll feel
different in the week after taking some beatings from Gary.
Speaking of which I have the issue of "your taking us to
the pub" to deal with tommorrow. Then tuesday brings
college and the interview test thing plus the realisation
over this coursework for that fat slug Alison. The one that
was worded badly. Rational rose still wont install. What a
nightmare. Dont know when its gotta be in either.
I hate this course. I would like a new job I think. Just
sometimes its hard to break away.
Watched Taken last was very good. Cant wait for
the next episode.
My head hurts and i have to have a drink and get to bed.

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