My diary (Ooh i'm so creative)
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2001-09-10 06:18:09 (UTC)

yet another day filled with regrets

Well school sure as hell does suck arse Big big big
time...Only a year to go....ahhhh that time seems so far
far away!

Well Kylie I said I'd say something about you in here so
here it're pretty damn good! I Love you and you're
a really good friend I appreciate you more than you could
ever understand! Is that okay? Heheheheh Oh yeah happy
birthday Jason! You know I miss you!

Well nothing much has been going on...i went to a party on
the weekend and ended up turning Into one of those horrible
emotional drunks! I hate it when people get all emotional
when they're drunk and man I'm pissed that I turned out to
be one of those people, I watched my old best friend frigan
hit on this chick all night...anyway it seemed to work
cause they're going out now,(god I wish I was her!) You
might be thinking why the hell would I even like this guy
cause he sounds like a prick and a male whore....but he
just understands me so perfectly and maybe thats why he's
able to manipulate me so damn well..well he sure as hell
has changed for the worse...maybe I just think that he's
changed for the worse cause he isn't my best friend
anymore :( I wish he was, frigan hell, that night was so
not worth losing our friendship over! I guess the worst
thing about it is that i was just
way he held me...and kissed me....the feeling of his body
up against strong and reassuring...and
unfortunately it lead to NOTHING...i didn't want to be all
upset about it but it just feels like he used me sooooo
bad. I can't even talk to him about it and find out what he
thinks! Why do I have to talk about him so much in
here.....frigan hell....dammit dammit all to hell.

Well i should try and get over it already....I didn't think
that this would have such a huge affect on me...Oh yeah
Jacob....I'm so sorry that I don't feel about you the way
that you do about me, I wish I're such a special deserve to be happy....I'm so sorry that I
can't be the person to make you happy...I wish I could!

Well I'm gonna get going - I guess I'll write more another

"I could make you happy make your dreams come true
there ain't nothing that I would not do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
To make you feel my love" To make you feel my love by Bob
Dylan (performed by garth brooks :P and Billy Joel

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