of little importance
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2003-01-12 21:56:50 (UTC)

from there to?

ever feel like you're going from one place to nowhere?

wandering aimlessly through my world of nowheres
visions of no one flashing through my mind
whispers of nothing passing through my eyes

welcome to the land where forgotten people reign
and those who did remember have all been slain
there are markers set up, tread not on fresh ground
lay a flower, bow your head, just don't turn around

time goes by
you drift away
life's a lie
this world's in pain

listen to the sounds of the souls as they shout
screaming cause they ache to be free and let out
but there's nothing you can do, cut yourself some slack
stand up straight, clear your eyes, and don't ever look back

you say i'm gone
maybe i'm there and you won't look at me
you say i'm leaving
maybe i'm going somewhere just to come back to you
you say i'm distant
maybe you are instead of me

no u-turn
one way street
right turn only
different scene

divided highway
merge left
no parking
different scene

different people
different street
different stores
same old scene

different foods
different colors
different clothes
same old scene

this seems so different...i want it to stay that way. i
don't want to turn back to things from before...i like who
i am where i am and what i am. i like being away. and i
don't want to feel like i have to get away from all of this

A poem
A capturing of thought
of space
of a moment
An expression of oneself
of emotion
of reflection

will this wound scar over,
or are these endless tears???

happy new year
it's a cold one
won't you let go
of the old one
it's justified
it's a brand new year

if they'd let you come with me, i'd pack you in my
suitcase. yeah i know i didn't bring an actual suitcase.
but my trunk is my suitcase. even better, i want to carry
you in my pocket.

but you have a life to live.

when all you want is to hold on tight
but what you need is to let go
that's when you bury yourself so deep inside
though you long to let him know