Life as I know it.
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2001-09-10 06:14:28 (UTC)

Leaving on a jetplane

So this mornng I woke up late of course for the brunch with
the parents. So I hurry up and just as soon as I get
dressed, my mom calls me on her cell phone and tellsme they
are outside. Great, fucking great. So i go to throw on
some make up (to look awake ya know?) and what the fuck is
on my neck? Yes a hickey. Luke fucking gave me a hickey,
so i tried as i might to cover it up, worked decently. ALl
i could think of was that this was revenge for me being a
bitch and giving matt this MASSIVE one when we first
started going out. So karma gets me in the end.

So today yeah, i did go out to brunch with my family.
Didnt milk it for all its worth. Went to a cheper place,
ordered a salad ( i was too tired to even think of
eating). Then went to Target and bought massive amounts of
Hello Kitty stuff. So thtat was fun. Then I came back
here, and smoked a few gravity bongs with Erica, Lindsay
and Ethan. Then went to mad mex with aforementioned people,
then we came back and each packed a bowl so i was truly
stoned. Then i went up to heathers and watched boogie
nights and ince i was stoned basically was falling asleep
on her couch i came up here and here I am.

John is being bitchy right now to me, i dont know why im
basically just about ready to tell him to fuck off and deal
ithhis man drama's with someone else besdies me.

Im just in a bitchy mood rght now.....GRRRRRRRRR