College and Frogs
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2001-09-10 05:40:27 (UTC)

Today's fustration

IT's Sunday and yes I did make it up tp go to church. I
really enjoyed it. My friend Jason form here at school is
the stand in pastor while they look for someone new. I was
Jason were ordaned as a pastor now instead of having to
finish out college here then go t semenry. It would be so
cool to belong to his church I love to listen to him
speak. Today he talked abouthte beatitudes and he made it
real to me and really made it so that I understood what
Christ was saying. Plus we learned a new word: MULARKY.
Fun huh.
It's almost 1:00pm mow and my roommate's in bed. I'm
typing this in the dark so excuse any misspellings that I
I was so bored all day. This is the first time since 9:30
this morning that I have been able to get any of the sites
to come up because the internet here is really bad. And I
still can't get into my instant messanger because I can't
remember my password. It's sad.
Well that has been the extent of my day, so I better be
going to bed now since I have a 9 am class.

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