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2003-01-12 21:27:00 (UTC)

The Grudge

"Wear your grudge like a crown..of negativity. Calculate
what you will, or will not tolerate. Desparate to control,
all and everything, unable to forgive your scarlet

-Tool: "The Grudge"

We've all held grudges against people, right? I mean, who's
not to say that the bastard that pisses you off doesn't
deserve to suffer? Why should you be the only one to feel
like garbage? So you spite them, and you do everything you
think you can do to make their lives living hells...

But do you really succeed?

If they blow you off, nothing you can do will affect them.
But you, in your thick-headedness, don't pay any attention
to that, do you? No, you're dead-set on getting some sort
of vengeance. Which is stupid really. Because unless you
have planned, and toiled, then you most likely will end up
looking stupid...and pathetic.

But the act of vengenace itself is miscontrued...

Why should you waste your time, your energy, on the person
who doesn't deserve to lick the mud from your boots? To me,
it shows that they've won. They've gained your attention,
and you've had your thoughts become consumed by them.

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss...this is one of those


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