listen to my silences
2003-01-12 21:22:26 (UTC)


yep i'm finally here. and excited. not nervous at all.
glad to be away from home and well pretty much everything
there. not everyone...

but i had to get away and i wanted to get away and i'm so
glad i did.

please understand. if you don' didn't to
begin with even when you said you did...and you don't
care...or you don't want me to be happy here.

but i'm going to choose if i'm happy here, not anyone else.

my roommate is great! she's such a sweetheart and so much
fun. i slept here for the first time last night. it was
cool. it's really quiet though...spookily quiet. but
cool. i haven't really met a lot of people yet because
well no one's around. they either haven't moved back in
yet or are working or are asleep. just enjoying their last
day of freedom. it's so cold here! seriously. i mean my
room wasn't even this cold. the windows in our room don't
shut all the way. i think if they did though it would be
really hot.

i'm going to be doing habitat for humanity. i'm excited.
i always wanted to. well i say i'm going to i mean i'm
going to try to get involved. i haven't talked to anyone
about it yet though. and there's a whole bunch of
intermurals that i want to do too...floor hockey,
badminton, sand volleyball...yeah i'm excited. i love it
here already.

twenty four hour visitation peoples, keep that in mind.
*evil grin* well i'm out. i have to get my schedule fixed
because at the moment i have two ten o clock classes and no
one's invented a time machine yet.

final thought: if i could then i would i'll go wherever you
will go way up high or down low i'll go wherever you will go