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2001-09-10 04:47:02 (UTC)


So, I’m now at work. My boss thinks I’m doing something I’m
supposed to be doing. But, I’m writing this instead. Why
did the world have to become civilized anyway? I wish I
could live a life of self-sustenance - a life not ruled by
money, or lack of it. You plant or grow what you need to
survive. You make do with what you have. You work because
you want to, not because you have to. I want to be my own
boss. I need to live life according to my own terms and not
on how society dictates how it’s supposed to be lived. I
want a simple life. Luxury can be wonderful, there’s no
denying that. But I’ve yet to meet the person who’s living
in total luxury and is completely contented with what
he/she has. Discontent and greed is part of human nature.

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