No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-01-12 20:16:48 (UTC)


hey! how are you guys? I'm pretty good.
I've had an alright weekend. Went to Beef O Bradys and a
book store with trish and her friend Bill. It was fun. Kit
and Kyle came over before and after we went. Drunks are
fun. lol.
There is still stuff flying with this whole Terry and Trish
and me thing. I mean, it's a lot better. Terry and I talked
about it. I'm still making nasty comments and that to both
of them, but Terry and I are friends again. It's a weird
situation...but it'll all work out just fine. I hope. lol.
You can never have enough friends...right? My sister is
going crazy with all the comments. I keep telling her I'm
going to try stuff with Kit...I'm KIDDING when I say it.
DEFINITLY kidding. I just like to see the look on her face.
lol. I'm nice...huh? lol. Trish thinks I should totally
avoid Terry and not be his friend. Yeah, I really don't
care what she says...I'm a big girl...I can make my own
decisions. If I make a bad choice, let me make it on my own
and live and learn from it. You know? I am really forgiving
most the time and I usually give others a chance. I'm good
about that...but this will all everything else.
If there is one thing is this world I REALLY's
people lying to me. Even if whatever it is will hurt my
feelings, I'd rather a person be honest with me than lie to
me. Just so you all know, don't lie to me, I will get over
it if you hurt my feelings, but I will always remember if
you lie to me. I'll put it behind us...yes...but I won't
forget. It's just one of those things. Just be honest, and
I won't care.
Well, I'm not up to much today...I'm gunna stop writing
now. Later.