Nick's Journal
2001-09-10 04:23:10 (UTC)


what do i expect from life was the first thought this
morning, followed by, sweet! my neck and shoulder feel
better but it seems that i punctured my lung. juliann got
her tongue pierced today and it looked like it hurt more
than she said it did, i swear she shook so much that i
thought that she was sitting in a vibrating chair. but
that's okay because she's courageous enough to do something
like that. the only way that a needle would go through my
tongue would be if i mistook one for a dorito while under
the influence of "alcohol".
i realized just how lame people are. just when i thought
i'd seen rock bottom with that dumb slut at the football
game i see a cowboy with a lame joke right on hand for a
pierced tongue.
then there was that obnoxious downsie working at taco bell.
first of all, whenever someone greats me extremely
enthusiastically while cleaning out the shit from the
bottom of a trash can i tend to be skeptical. when that
person makes jokes such as...our choco is more than a taco,
it's cold too. or points out that i got a bi-centennial
quarter and that i should keep it because it would make me
rich. whats more is this guy kept on going aobut how i
could buy a little country, and i would thank him. i guess
that the beef meximelt fumes kinda get to ya after a
while. i heard him argue with the baja chicken taco as to
whether kurt angle or triple-h was better.
--- oh and whoever used dryer 8, your green collar shirt
is now mine. you disobeyed the unwritten law that you are
not allowed to wash and/or dry a color that looks like it
could in anyway make me want to vomit all over myself.