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2001-09-10 04:21:46 (UTC)

Muppy Again

Hello my faithful seckies! How the hell are ya'all? I'm
doing great... does anybody else read this besides us four?
I hope so! Maybe I'll make new friends. Speaking of which,
I have made 3 new friends this school year so far. Or at
least, I hope to stay friends with them. A junior,
Sophomore, and a Freshman. Interesting huh? Junior = John,
Sophomore = Kristie, Freshman = Brock. They all seem like
pretty cool kids. Not nearly as cool as me though :P. I
hope to make more friends this year though, after this is
college, two of us are already there, Vixen, and the late
Anna Mae. Ziy has two years before he can go to college...
HEHE! :P j/k. I'm happy, I was able to talk to Tony today,
but not Shika, cuz I was online all day waiting to talk to
Tony... If they're going to be my best friends, I'm going
to have to figure out a schedule! hehe. I work tomorrow
(Monday) 4-10, and Wednesday, and Thursday as well... same
times. It won't be easy, but I'm ditching school friday, to
go to California. So it might not be that bad. I hope
TaShika can spend the night on Thursday, because then it
would be easier and quicker for us all to get the hell out
of town! lol! Vixen called me today... I couldn't believe
it... I would be WAY more shocked but she told me she was
going to call me online, and said to get off :P. Big
surprise! I still have a 4-page essay to do for U.S.
Government, and my happy ass hasn't started on it yet, I've
been sleeping all day though, so I should be easily able to
stay up all night... Oops! I accidently saved this just now... So I
had to fix that... like I said when I killed Anna Mae... OOOPS! Well,
it think I fixed all now... we'll see how it turns out. I haven't
written in here since Thursday... Hmm what happened to me since then?
Not a whole lot. I worked, and went to school, and slept alot. I
would come online to wait for Tony, and then I would end up lying
down and falling asleep, and being very angry about it. Nothing has
exceptionally made me happy, or upset... so I really have nothing to
write about. I did however write four pages of stuff that was on my
mind in a composition notebook... I guess I should journal stuff more
often. I'm reading the book "Dracula" - Bram Stoker, and it's all
journal entries and stuff... so that kind of inspires me :P. Oh! and
I got out of my English 4 class to go into Composition 2 Honors. It's
really cool! I've never been in an honors class before! And I have
Molly in my class... I think I already talked about that, well she
does think I'm a stalker now... but I still think she's incredibly
beutiful none the less... Vixen, has any of the girls you've known me
to like look the same in any manner? I just thought of that, Like
Allese, Molly, and D.P.S.W. were all very different looking. Hmm, I'm
just weird like that. Well, I've written alot of nothings that no one
cares about. Producers are announced in TV tomorrow! I can't wait to
feel special when my names announced! lol :P Bye all!