The Bowel Movement
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2001-09-10 04:14:49 (UTC)

Together Again

Well, all of us have written. I am very proud of our band.
We all work together. Yeah right! That's a bunch of crap.
Vixen and Ziy are always fighting about somehting stupid,
Muppy always thinks Vixen hates him, and me.... well, I'm
me. No one likes me anyway. I'm just the person that
brought them to the big top, who they dumped, and brought
back to life. Did I ever tell you it was Muppy who killed
me? Of course, it was a accident. We were at Vixen and
Ziy's wedding. I was using the porta potty when Muppy rode
his motorcycle into it. The porta potty feel over and I
broke my neck. At least, that's what they tell me. I don't
remember any of it. I sometimes wonder if I never really
die, but the governemt took my body and expiramented on it.
That would be cool. But I still love Muppy. He is one hell
of a friend, even if he quote "killed" me, unquote.
- Anna Mae