2001-09-10 03:38:16 (UTC)

POEM | Forget to remember reality...forget to forget you.

I never could get it,
when I thought I could not subside
you came and completed something in me.
The more I knew you,
the more I love you.
You did all the right things.
You were everything I wnated.
And then I realized I couldn't reach you,
sso I tried to forget.
Forget your smile,
forget your voice,
forget your eyes...
...forget you.
But I couldn't.
So I started to dream;
To imagine how life would be with you here.
But those dreams became lies,
Lies I told myself,
lies that I thought would fill me,
lies I thought could take your place.
And now I'm here trying to live my life,
but I feel so alone...
I breath and I feel so alone,
I sleep and I feel so alone,
I think and I feel so alone...
...I am so alone.
So I'll lie once more,
I'll forget to remember reality...
...I'll forget to forget you.

(Friday June 14th, 2000 © Teru Noriega)

Ok, wow, i thought i'd written that a lot of time ago, but
it's just been a little past a year. I don't like it,
personally, I think everything i write sucks, totally, but
hey, that's life hehe...Teh copyright thing, well, if you
want it take it, just tell me you are...hehe...bye!