2001-09-10 03:32:02 (UTC)

"Theres better things to do than get knocked out"

Ok so yester i went to Skatefest 2001 and in all honesty it
really sucked alot. A few bands were good but other than
that i was sadly disipointed. I mean theres better things
to do than get knocked out which i did. During the band
thursday i was singing along and some kid did a pencil dive
right on my neck and i could feel my neck crack. Right
after the kid did that i saw him laughing and for the first
time i punched a kid with all my might and i think i broke
his nose. Right after i punched him i just passed out and
the next thing i knew i was half awake in a booth with all
these people around me. The whole rest of the night i was
totally spaced out and i just wanted to be home having
"somebody" hold me. She was the only person i was thinking
about in my half awake state of mind. I think thats a good
thing. I hope she does.So today i spent some time with her
and to be honest shes the only person that can make me
smile with all my sincerity. I mean i'm known as a fun
loving guy thats all about having fun but i dont think
theres a single person i can talk to about how i truly feel
inside. It sux. It really sux to no end. I guess even if i
could talk to someone i wouldnt even know how to express
what i feel. Thats the part that really sux. Well so much
for breathing.

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