Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-12 16:18:56 (UTC)

New Day

Hi there!This is a new day.It snowed again and
everything is white,kids are taking rides with their
sleighs,everybody seems to be happy.That's why I love
winter,and that's why I love the snow so much.It covers
everything with a white coat and it gives you a fresh,nice
I was myself when I was a kid...I used
to go downhill with my sleigh too and I was feeling free
and happy.I wish I could turn back time,I wish I were that
Ruxy again.The only change I would make is that I wouldn't
hesitate to express my love anymore.
I loved so many times and I almost never had the courage
to say it.I remember once I loved a tree.It was my best
friend.It was so beautiful.........It was patient enough to
listen to me,it was big enough to hide me,it was strong
enough to defend was MINE...
And there was this girl,Rodica,we grew up together so I
used to believe she is my best friend.One day,I told her
about my tree because it was wonderful and I wanted to
share it with her.But she laughed in my face and she
said"'re can you love a tree?it's
like a's not talking,it's not walking"
Well...maybe it wasn't talking...but..I loved it...and
that's why her words hurt me.Since then,I never had the
courage to say I love someone again.Even if there is so
much love in my heart.People just don't know it so they
think I'm cold hearted.How can they think that when I'm
always smiling at them and helping them and being nice with
them...People are strange.I know so many things about them
but there are still a lot of things to learn...
Mmmmmmm....I think I'm happy again.
Be happy!..Don't worry,Be happy!.....*ruxy leaves