brought to you by the letter e
2001-09-10 03:24:34 (UTC)

Sta. Maria

i like drinking water from bottles regaurdless of if it is
the water that originally came in it
i just like the container
water's one of those liquids that just doesn't seem like it
should be as heavy as it is
so when you get a bunch of empty bottles piled up...
what a contrast
i think i like the shape because the hole in it is smaller
making me 7.3 times less likely to spill it on myself
which i still manage....
but it doesn't matter because it's water.
water doesn't stain things
nor does it contain hidden calories
water is just good
and if you don't live in houston...it could be pure too!
(damn swamp town)
i give water an a for taste and goodness....
and a b for weighing too much

oi i need another box of kleenex
i am a wee bit sick
not sick in the mind sick in the rest of the body
the sick beverage of choice is lemon-lime gatorade
which is also the post-other things beverage of choice by
which, i, did not start
it is important to stay hydrated

so to the doctor with me tomorrow....
so i can be well
so i can work
so i can work some more
so i can become rich
so i can go to school
so i can become self-sufficient
so i can see the boy i like (love)
so i can start vicious cyclical patterns like this all
dependant on other things....

or just up and move to oklahoma
which in some ways is exactly like "the middle of nowhere"