Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-01-12 15:27:12 (UTC)

I now know I have to move

I'm sitting here watching tv and I know I have to move to a
big city. I'm sick of living in a two-bit town. I use to
live in New Orleans and Baton Rouge (as much as I hated BR,
it still was close to NO so I could go to a "bigger type"
city) plus with BR being a big college town, LSU, and the
state captial and only about an hour plus away from NO it
was a place to do things. Now living outside of Pensacola,
FL trying to surive in this hell, I can't do it. This area
is either Miltary (which is so not me) or tourism for about
3 months in the summer, which is just not for me. I don't
mind the tourist really, because of them, I can have job at
hotels, but when they go away, so do the jobs. If I'm
going to live in a tourist trap I want it to be year round
trap, like Vegas, or NO, or NY or some fun place like
that. I really want to go to Vegas because the program at
U of Navada LV is the best program for hotel/motel
management in the country, so as I say, why not go to the
best, huh?

Ok, same old song, huh.

UGH!!! Well, I'm off to job hunt and look for places to
move to.

Bye for now... Keep in touch, and hopefully all are well,
or at least try to keep all of our heads above water.


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