Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-01-12 12:49:54 (UTC)

early morning and not needing sleep

It's weird, I slept all Friday night and most of Saturday,
and then had a pretty good night of sleep, but for some
reason I wish I could still be in bed, I guess there's just
something wrong with getting up before the sun when you
don't have to.

I kept having having weird dreams over the last two days,
things like having 5 hour talks with my ex husband that
were ok, maybe even nice. Then I was having some weird of
dream of going out partying with some fun female friend
then someone was getting married and another friend didn't
believe in the guy the girl was marrying. I still don't
know if I was the one getting married, but it reality it
couldn't be me, since I have no intention of ever getting
married again. But the scenes of this dream were set in
Vegas, I think.

Oh well, dreams don't always mean anything... or maybe they
do. Ah, fuck it!!!

Now I have some very important things to think about, like
what to do with my life, and more importantly where to do

Blah...Blah...Blah! That's how I feel right now, like I
have nothing to say, but I keep typing for no reason. I
guess I really want to work on my novel, but my mind is not
completely in the creative mode yet.

Well, bye for now...

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