2001-09-10 03:02:13 (UTC)

My 'thing' with the number 3...

Yes, i have a 'thing' with the number 3 (three hehe)...It
is my favorite number, but it's not just that...IT'S THE
NUMBER THREE! *oh god, what the heck am i writing...*
I always do things in three, it's just a natural thing
i've grown to do, i don't really know why, i don't really
know why i'm saying this, i don't really know WHAT i'm
saying *STOP TERU!*. Well anyways, it is kinda weird, i use
it too much, too much, way too much...LmaO ok, i'm gonna
stop writing about this, i thought i had a lot to say about
it but i just have no more hehe